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AUTONOMY OF A CasterBooties™  

A: Leader  Strap
B: Wheel Cover
C: Elastic
D: Under Flap
E: Over Flap
F: Under Flap Velcro
G: Over Flap Velcro


The Leader Strap (A) is used to pull the Wheel Cover (B) through tight spaces. If there is a flared brace insert the Leader Strap there, then pulling the Over Flap (E) up over the Under Flap (D) and attaching both the Over Flap Velcro (G) to the Under Flap Velcro (F) to secure by pressing together.

Please Note:  CasterBooties™ will not fit on casters with wheels brakes due to the close tolerance between the wheel and lock.

Not recommended for steel caster or dual wheels.


CasterBooties Drawing

CasterBooties™ protects the flooring from harsh weather conditions and scuff marks wheels can make. The covers are made from a 100% spunbound polypropylene non-woven fabric which is water repellent and fire retardant.​


CasterBooties™ are also available in HWT & BHWT fabric from wheel/tire size 6” diameter and up. Go to CasterBooties Part List and scroll down to HWT/BHWT CasterBooties Part List.

The LWT Casterbooties™ fabric is heavier weight than the shoe cover fabric for durability and a longer lasting reusable lifetime. It is a simple process of placing the cover over the wheel with the elastic band and fastening with the Velcro on each side.

Booties are quick to install and provides quiet easy unrestricted use of operation. Booties slips on all free-standing wheels and for the first time ever…. CASTERS!!  Whether rigid or swivel CasterBooties™ provides protection against scratching, scraping, or scarring on any floor surface be it Tile, Carpeting, Terrazzo, Laminate, Wood, & Marble!!

CasterBooties™ are durable, water repellent and washable allowing for economical and reusable solutions vs. expensive housekeeping, cleaning, repairs, and maintenance.


To Order Call: 435-867-6167


Watch the video to see how well the CasterBooties  work

LWT                                HWT & BHWT



  • Institutional, Medical, & Clean Rooms

  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories

  • Food Service Equipment & Food Processing Plants

  • Restaurants

  • Office Equipment, Carts, & Racks

  • Furniture Creepers

  • Bakery Racks , Carts & Equipment

  • Material Handling

  • Computer Room Equipment

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Cleaning Equipment

  • Hotel Luggage Carts, Hotel/Housekeeping Carts

  • Trash Containers

  • Wet, Damp, or Corrosive Environments

  • Vending Machines

  • Display Stands & Racks

  • Container Shipping Decks

  • Textile & Garment Industries

  • Caster & Bed Pallets
    And Much, Much More..

CasterBooties on cart
LWT TireBooties Water Repellent Fabric


HWT - BHWT Fabric.png
Close-up - Water Repelled
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