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LWT TireBooties®

Contractors, movers, appliance delivery installers must wear shoe covers in new homes, offices hospitals, etc. to protect the floor/surface. When using hand trucks or dollies to prevent scuff marks and the outdoor elements they go through a time-consuming process by cutting up cardboard and/or rolling costly plastic to line the flooring... Not to mention the agony of stopping and repositioning the cardboard or plastic until they reach their destination point... Hopefully arriving at their destination point without damaging the flooring and getting back charged for the damages.

Lightweight TireBooties® protects the flooring from harsh weather conditions and scuff marks tires can make. The covers are made from a 100% spunbound polypropylene non-woven fabric which is water proof and fire retardant. The fabric is heavier weight than the shoe cover fabric for durability and a longer lasting reusable lifetime. It’s a simple process of placing the cover over the tire with the elastic band. Simply start at the top of the wheel then rotate the wheel and continue to wrap the elastic until the whole diameter of the tire is covered evenly. It’s a secure and tight fit giving the ease and freedom to move in any direction. When leaving the premise simply remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine for re-use. It’s Cost Effective, Simple, Fast to Apply and Clean!

LWT TireBooties on handtruck
Watch the video to see how well the LWT TireBooties®  work

  • Prevent scuff marks

  • Prevents harsh outdoor elements

  • Ease and freedom to move in any direction.

  • Washable & reusable

  • Water proof

  • Easy to put on and to remove

  • Save man hours w/ not having to prepare or clean floors

  • Same fabric as used in medical facilities

  • Add your company logo, increasing name recognition

It’s Cost Effective, Simple, Fast to Apply and Clean!
LWT TireBooties Water Repellent Fabric
LWT TireBooties Blue & Grey

To Order Call: 435-867-6167


Close-up - Water Repelled
Blue & Grey
LWT TireBooties on a portable compressor
LWT TireBooties on a hand truck
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