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Go to the ​​contact us page, fill in the form, check the box stating you are interested in becoming a distributor and click send. The account setup manager will contact you directly. Or see the simple instructions below:

TireBooties Distributors
It is an easy process to become a distributor:
Send by email or fax your valid sales tax permit or ID number. You have a choice to pay by credit card or establish terms.

To pay by credit card just email your company information which includes company name, address, phone number and contact person.  Then call or fax credit card information as it is not secured through email. 
To establish terms, email or fax your company reference sheet and billing contact and information or fill out the credit application below. Once approved you will receive a customer number.
Email: OR Fax to 877-366-4715
Credit Application
  • You are provided with a PDF and hard copies of our Distributor Catalog with your pricing updated each year.

  • We provide you with a PDF Retail Product Catalog with retail pricing to share with your customers.

  • We provide you selling materials:
    Samples, PDF literature, brochure display sign with brochures, post cards, etc., all ready for your company stamp to personalize them.

  • We provide you with terms that fit your needs.

  • We can drop ship for you.

  • Add your logo Customize your logo on the booties will relate company
    recognition and in view of potential customers.

  • Customer rents your equipment and needs TireBooties today, you have them in stock. This happens all the time, “I need them for today. I just found out it is required to have TireBooties for this job”. If you don’t have them in stock, your customer will call other rental companies that stock booties, and you may even loose a rental due to not having TireBooties.

  • A customer calls and wants to know who in their location has TireBooties? We track you as a stocking distributor and refer this potential customer to you. Now you just added to your current customer base and generate new additional sales. Think of as your sales generator and referral service.

                                    And So Much More. We Are Here to Assist You...

Benefits on becoming a stocking distributor:

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