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More Floor/Suface Protection...

RiggDiapers providing "bumper to bumper-Drive Wheel to Counterbalance protection" RiggDiapers provides complete undercarriage coverage.  No longer drips, leaks or mechanical mishaps leave spot reminders of presence & neglect.  The diapers fit under the machine and then are secured with bungee cords.  Once secured properly, pesky leaks fall onto the diapers and then onto the absorbent pad thus protecting your surface.





Our unique design features bungee cords attached with clips – NO grommets to rip out and NO magnet to slip off with vibration. You can place the clips anywhere on the diaper for a more secured and adjustable application. Diapers include a removable oil absorbent pad soaking liquid and held in with diaper straps for easy adjustment and replacement..

To Order Call: 435-867-6167


RiggDiapers bungee & clip
RiggDiapers Clip

No Eyelets to Rip! Clips Are Adjustable For That Perfect Fit...


Most diapers are custom made for each type of equipment to assure the most effective protection for your floor surface. Each product provides protection, economy and solutions.

RiggDiapers™ Are Not Just for Heavy Equipment - They Are Used Under Cars, Trucks, etc... Too...

RiggDiapers attached to a vehical
Car Shows, Auto Photo Studios, Car Showrooms, etc., use RiggDiapers™ for protecting floors and floor coverings.
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